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© Copyright 2012-2013 Kansas City Paranormal All Rights Reserved. KCP and their associated logos, Audio and Video Media are property of Kansas City Paranormal. Partial or total reproduction without express written permission is prohibited and punishable under law and covered under The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

Paranormal Contact, the new VR immersion paranormal show featuring

Kansas City Paranormal. To watch properly use Virtual Reality google headset, download proper apps needed to view episode in VR, and use some good headphones to get the full effect. Enjoy!

As many of our clients and followers know KCP does not charge for our services, however we do accept donations which go directly back into our group. Your donation will help us with operational costs such as new group equipment, transportation/gas costs, website hosting, promotional costs, etc...

Kansas City Paranormal greatly appreciates your support. Thank You!



About Kansas City Paranormal​


Kansas City Paranormal is a nonprofit organization​ specializing in the paranormal field. We understand

that calling paranormal investigators to your home or place of business can be a difficult decision. Kansas City Paranormal also in rare cases does host to public Paranormal Events/Investigations.

 Kansas City Paranormal utilizes Metal Detecting, with permission from our clients, as a means of historical research to acquire trigger objects significant to a locations history. We also accept cases in the fields of cryptozoology and ufology.




Kansas City Paranormal and all of its affiliates stay true to their promise of never releasing any video,audio,or photo evidence captured unless first authorized by our clients​. We use top of the line and

in some cases experimental equipment to help prove

or disprove supernatural occurrences. However, we as a team feel the most attuned ghost hunting tool is the human mind itself. Helping people that contact us with honest problems comes before anything else.

 We are not ghost hunters, hobbyists, amateurs, or beginners. We are a reputable group of uniquely trained and highly dedicated investigators. What we do is help individuals resolve their possible issues involving the supernatural. A Paranormal Investigator determines what the specific problem may be, and then makes every effort to resolve that problem. We share our findings with our clients, come to a conclusion, and then put together a strategy to help. Our primary concern is our clients and their families.  We bring confidentiality, professionalism, and the highest standard of etiquette to each and every investigation. Please contact us with any questions you may have.


Edinburgh Manor/Scotch Grove,IA Webisode 1

Fox 4 News Segment Elms Hotel&Spa Halloween Event

Kansas City Paranormal /Recent News and  Upcoming Events


Check out our most recent newspaper article in The Pitch weekly of Kansas City. We had alot of fun being interviewed during our investigation of The Phoenix club, downtown KC.



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